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75 Card Mini Collections

75 Card Mini Collections

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This is a 75 card mini collection for our going out of business sale.
Maxmium: 6 per person 

Mini collections will contain 

60 common/uncommon
10 foil common/uncommon
4 rare/mythic
1 foil rare/mythic

We’ve created many different batches depending on which boxes were pulled each batch. Mini collections can contain:
·         Cards from 15-50 different sets
·         Up to 10 basic land
·         1-4 duplicates of the same card from each set.
·         English cards or a combination of cards from all languages
·         We’ve done our best to avoid making any with more than a playset of any single card per set. The majority of cards will be SP to NM condition but some may be in played condition. 

While we cannot guarantee you any mini collections from any specific batches we made, if you have a preference on english only all language mini collections, please feel free to request it in your special shipping details. Once again, we can't guarantee it but we can try. 

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