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You can contact us at for all sales, pricing, buylist, and other general questions 
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Hours of Operation: Monday-Friday 10am-6pm PST.

We accept Paypal, and wire transfer., and will be accepting crypto in the near future
If you wish to pay via wire transfer or crypto please contact us for more information
We strive to price competitively on both our buy and sell prices.
you can email us at and the pricing will be looked into and may be changed.

Orders are shipped Monday through Friday.
Shipping costs vary depending on what services and country your order is being shipped to.
International shipping is currently paused, but please email us if you are an international buyer who wishes to make a purchase



All cards printed after Journey Into Nyx have already been sold and the remaining inventory is also available for block purchases if you are looking to top off your stock on various sets.

For those of you that collect specific cards, we backstock up to 250 of each bulk single and may offer them at a discounted rate. You may even use store credit to purchase these. If you collect a specific card feel free to email us with which card(s) you collect and how many you are looking to get and we can provide you with a quantity and price.


We have currently paused buying singles, but feel free to email us if you have singles or a collection you wish to sell or trade in for store credit. 
Terms and Conditions
  1. There will be a limit of one account per person. The only exception to this is if you run multiple businesses selling Magic the Gathering cards and need separate accounts for your records. Please contact us if this is the case so we can prevent them from showing up as duplicate accounts. All terms and conditions apply to these dual accounts as if they were one account
  2. We reserve the right to cancel or refund orders in full or in part or refuse business for any reason. Our website integrates with multiple platforms, which can occasionally cause errors in our inventory quantities and pricing. By purchasing from our store, you understand this possibility that orders may be canceled under these circumstances.
  3. New customers and customers making large purchases may have their orders placed on hold temporarily and will be contacted for additional information before shipping. Please understand that this is in place to protect everybody.
  4. By ordering from us, you agree that orders from Global MTG will be our responsibility until mailing service you have chosen at checkout confirms they have received it. Global MTG is not responsible for any lost, stolen, or damaged items on our premises or in regards to shipped orders. 
Return Policy
Global MTG does not provide credit, refunds, or exchanges except in situations where the items received are damaged, defective, or not as described according to our grading scale. You need to contact us within 72 hours of receiving your order to be considered for a refund or credit. We will not provide refunds on items labeled in Heavily Played (HP) or Damaged (DAM) conditions.  
Orders must be postmarked and shipped back to within 7 days upon approval. Cards must be sent protected and are expected to be returned in the same way they were received. We may offer a return shipping label or provide you additional credit for the cost of postage. 
Store Pick Up
Due to the pandemic, general store pickup has been paused. Please email us if you wish to schedule a pickup.

All purchases made by credit card and bank transfer will be refunded back to the account it was paid with. This can take between 3-10 days.

All purchases Check or money order will be issued as store credit. A check can be mailed to you at your request (see check policy on the buylist page)
Store credit will take up to 72 hours to process

Questions, Suggestions, and Feedback
Feel free to email us at with any questions, suggestions, or feedback you may have.

Thank you for choosing GlobalMTG
Strixhaven: School of Mages
Strixhaven: School of Mages
Strixhaven: School of Mages
Strixhaven: School of Mages