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Condition Grading Guide

Card Condition Guide

We have recently updated our condition grading system and have included the old condition if applicable after the one that it has changed to.
We will have an card images up shortly to detail card conditions for better clarity

 Near Mint (NM): A NM card will generally be almost indistinguishable as a card fresh out of the pack. NM cards may show a few small specks of wear close inspection from a distance of around 6 inches (15 centimeters). There will be minimal to no scratching on the surfaces from shuffling or play.

NM foils may show minimal if any clouding or a few minor scratches on the card face.

Lightly Played (LP/SP/EX+): 
This card shows definite but fairly minor whitening and wear on the card with light to moderate surface scratching. Minor face wear may be present. 
Lightly Played foils may also show some light to moderate clouding or scratches on the face

Moderately Played (MP/PL)
Moderately Played cards can show consistent moderate wear across the edges, corners, and faces of the card. MP cards may have minor instances of water damage, inking, creasing, or dents if the card would be NM or LP otherwise. In this case a card may be downgraded to MP instead of HP.
Moderately Played foils can also show consistent but moderate scratches and clouding on the face of the card.  


Heavily Played (PL/HP and below): This card will show major wear which includes but is not  limited to; consistent wear on most if not all edges, light to moderate face wear, dents, has been played and shows moderate wear on most or all edges and light to moderate face wear. Some HP cards may have a slight bend or dent but no definitive creases.
Heavily Played cards may have mild to moderate creases, inking, or water damage that does not affect the integrity of the card.  
Heavily Played foils may exhibit heavy and consistent playwear across the edges, corners, and back of the card. The front may exhibit heavy clouding and scratching throughout

Damaged (Poor): This card is generally not considered tournament legal due to creases, dents, water, or other damage that makes it clearly identifiable in a sleeve. Very few cards will fall under this condition from play wear alone. Damaged cards range from cards with extreme play wear to cards that would otherwise be Near Mint if not for a noticable ding or indentation. 

Signed cards that have been signed by the artist that made them will be accepted.


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Strixhaven: School of Mages
Strixhaven: School of Mages
Strixhaven: School of Mages
Strixhaven: School of Mages